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  2. Industry Links

    *Content found on the sites listed below is not necessarily endorsed by Arch Coal.

    Association Links
    American Coal Ash Association www.acaa-usa.org
    American Coal Council www.americancoalcouncil.org
    American Coal Foundation www.teachcoal.org
    American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity www.cleancoalusa.org
    The Coal Association of Canada www.coal.ca
    Coal Utilization Research Council www.coal.org
    Colorado Mining Association www.coloradomining.org
    Eastern Coal Council www.easterncoalcouncil.com
    The Energy & Mineral Law Foundation www.emlf.org
    Illinois Coal Association www.ilcoalassn.com
    Kentucky Coal Association www.kentuckycoal.org
    The Lignite Energy Council www.lignite.com
    Mineral Information Institute www.mii.org
    The National Coal Council www.nationalcoalcouncil.org
    National Coal Transportation Association www.nationalcoaltransportation.org
    National Mining Association www.nma.org
    Ohio Coal Association www.ohiocoal.com
    The Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration www.smenet.org
    Utah Mining Association www.utahmining.org
    West Virginia Coal Association www.wvcoal.com
    Women in Mining www.womeninmining.org
    World Coal Association www.worldcoal.org
    Wyoming Mining Association www.wma-minelife.com